About Us

The Chromebusters was formed to create a Structured Learning Experience (SLE) for students to support the Computer Science, Graphic Arts, and Engineering CTE programs. The Chromebusters is a student-led activity that gives students the opportunity to learn about various aspects of Information Technology including hardware, software, programming, digital signage, smart boards, and more. Our students can then put their experience on their resumes and the Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Matt Shea, writes every Chromebusters member a reference at the end of their internship.

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Meet the team!

Matt Shea
Chief Technology Officer

Our student-led helpdesk (affectionately called the Chromebusters) was created to provide an internship opportunity for our students. As CTO, I am proud of our students and their achievements.

Anthony Vitrano
Helpdesk/Chromebusters Captain

I currently serve as an IT Support Technician for the VTSD Help Desk. My main role is overseeing the Chromebusters in room 104 as well as dealing with the districts Chromebooks. If you have any questions related to your Chromebook, feel free to contact me by email at avitrano@vtsd.com or stop by room 104!

Tessa Heidt
Senior Chromebusters Representative

A lot of my friends took part in the first year of Geek Squad, so I went over there to check out what they do and found everything so fascinating, so I visited the room quite often. Then, to my surprise, Sir Shea asked if I would like to fill the last open spot and at first was hesitant because I didn’t know anything about tech, but soon said yes. I never knew I would love being part of the Chromebusters so much and I’m honestly so blessed to be part of this team, even though I’m a rat and unable to make it everyday. I’ve gained knowledge about things I never thought I could do but because of this lil family, I feel like I can do anything and everything (with a lil help from the team and an electric screwdriver :))

Robert Rayfield
Chromebusters Representative
Anthony Hidalgo
Chromebusters Representative